If you are interested in any pieces, please email me at
lauri1 lg fish horizontal Lg Gecko Lg gold dk turq moon lg heart lg long green free lg sawed lg tail multi lg whale multi lg whale tail blue lg whale tail red md multi blu scales md purple green hull md purple multi sail md s wind surger md sail sunrise med petriglif med sawed green + med totum medlg sawed pint turq sailboat free sm 2tone pnk sail sm bl multi sm purple rd sail smblk hull gr sail whale blue2014-07-28 18.30.15 2014-07-28 18.30.21 2014-07-28 18.30.35 2014-07-28 18.29.25 2014-07-28 18.32.41 2014-07-28 18.32.55 2014-07-28 18.33.39 2014-07-28 18.35.23 2014-07-28 18.36.41 2014-07-28 18.37.41 2014-07-28 18.38.39 2014-07-28 18.45.28 2014-07-28 18.51.37   sawed glass necklace fish dolphin mermaid  dichroic pmc mask dichroic mask

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